This information is provided - also in pursuance of Section 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 -  to any entity having to do with the web-based services by Proposte Religiose, via electronic networks as from following address:

which corresponds to the home page of our official web site for the firm Proposte Religiose by Nuzzo Giuseppe. The data controller is Proposte Religiose, with registered address in via Avellino n. 11/C, Benevento. Proposte religiose treats your personal data to procure to his customers and users personalized advertisement and to observe the visit frequency of his customers to the web site
We inform you that the conferment of your data is discretionary, but it is useful to improve our services and products, and communicate to you updates in your interest. When a user logins in our web site, services, app, our suppliers can use cookie, web beacon and some others tecnologies for advertisement and for register informations, for offer to you a better, faster and safer experience.
With this information we want to procure you some informations of our technologies and their use in our web site and in our services, app, instruments. Now there is a list with the most important informations about the use of these technologies.

What are cookies, web beacon and similar technologies.

Just like all web sites, we use data files of little dimensions, that are saved on your computer, tablet, cellular and other mobile systems (they are indicated like "device") to register some datas every time you login or interact with our web site, services, app, sms system and struments.

The names and specific types of cookies, web beacon and other similar technologies used can variate in the course of time. For help you to understand Proposte Religiose rules and the use of that technologies, now we report to you some terms with their explanation:

Cookie: little text files (formed by letters and numbers) that are saved in the browser or device memory, when you visit a web site or you visualize a message. Cookies permit to a web site to recognize some devices or browsers. There are some types of cookies:

- temporary (or of session): they are used to archive temporary informations, they consent to connect your actions during that specific session and they are deleted from your computer with the closure of Internet Explorer;

- permanent (or saved): they are used to archive informations, for example username and password, for avoid this action to the user in a specific web site; they will be memorized in the computer also when you will close Internet Explorer.

- of first part: they derived by the visualized web site and they can be permanent or temporary, they can be use to archive informations that will be recycle for the next visit to the web site;

- of third part: they derived from other sites announcements, for example popup or advertisement, present in the visualized web site; they can be used for register the web site for marketing purposes.

Cookies can be disattivated or removed using instruments in browsers. Cookies preferences must be set up separately for each one browser that you use, because everyone has functionalities and specific options.

Web beacon: A web beacon is an object embedded in a web page or email, which unobtrusively (usually invisibly) allows checking that a user has accessed the content. Common uses are email tracking and page tagging for web analytics.

Similar technologies: technologies that archives data in the browser or device using objects at local level or local archiviation, as cookie flash, HTML 5 cookie and some other software metods for web applications. These technologies operate in all browsers. In same cases, the local archiviation use isn't menage by browser, it request the menage by specific struments. We don't use this technologies for memorize useful informations to create advertisement on our or others web sites.

Cookies on the site

Our cookies have some utilities. They are useful for the operation of our services, they permit us to offer to you a better service, additional functionalities or focused advertisement. We use cookies and similar technologies that remains on your device only for the period of use (cookie session) on your browser, or for a longer period (persistent cookie).

You can block them, delete them or cancel them if your device permit that. You can menage cookies and preferences in the browser or device settings.

Where is possible, are implemented safety measures to stop the non authorized access to cookies and similar technologies. A univocal code guarantee that only we and our supplier can have access to your cookie data.

Our services supplier are firms that support us in various modality in our activity, they take up operations, services, advertisement and web site settings. We use our suppliers for authorized services as advertisement broadly with your interests on our services and in other internet pages. Our suppliers can insert cookies on your device through our services (cookies of third part). They can acquire informations that consent them to identify your device, as IP address and other univocal codes or device codes.

Some functions, services, and struments of our web site are available only through the use of these technologies. You can stop, delete or cancel them if the browser or device consent this to you. For other informations for how to stop, delete or cancel them you can consult settings of your device or browser in use.

Agreement to use of cookies

At the first access to our web site, you will find a banner with a short information about cookie using.

You have three options:

- The "scroll down" (with the small wheel of your mouse) or clicking on "Ok" or continue the navigation on our web site, are just like an agreement to the use of cookies, as indicate on the short information about cookie using;

- Leave our web site, is just like a refuse of the use of cookies;

- The access to the cookie policy and the choice between the different options of cookie, will have different effects depending case of categories of cookies.

Cookies categories

Technical cookies

They are useful for guarantee the operation of our services, that permit to us to improve performances. These technologies permit to our web sites, services or struments, to conserve important informations in your browser or device and to use them for identify you on our server and internal system. Where is possible, we protecs our cookies and other similar technologies for guaranteee to you that only Proposte Religiose and our authorized service suppliers can interpretate them and appoint to them a univocal code. Your personal data aren't archived in cookies or other similar technologies.

All personal data acquired and archived by us through the use of these technologies are reach only after a specific informative.

Uses of these technologies are part of these general categories.

1. Indispensable use from operative point of view. Cookie, web beacon, other similar technologies use are necessary for the correct operation of web sites, services and struments. This include technologies who consent to the final user to login to web site, services and some ther struments required to avoid fraudolent actions and to improve security or for use other functions as cart, saved researches and other simil functions.

2. Use related to performances. We can use cookies, web beacon and other similar technologies to value performances of our web site, struments and services, for market survey to understand how our users visit our web site, establish if they interacted with our messaging system or displayed an element or a connection, to make better contents, apps, services and instruments of our site.

3. Use related to functionalities. We can use cookies, web beacon, and other similar technologies to offer to you avanced functionalities during login or for the using of our web sites, services, instruments. Thanks to this funcionalities we can, for example, identify users who login to our web sites or control their preferences, interests their preferences, interests and objects displayed in past, to make a better presentation of our contents.

The agreement for the using of these cookies isn't indispendable. If you won't to accept technical cookie's using you can cancel them, as before we specify; in this case there's the possibility that you can't use some functions, services or instruments of our web site. The web site can ask your password over and over again during the same session.

Outline cookies and first part marketing.

We can use cookies and web beacon of first part to offer contents, including advertisement pertinent to interests of our user, on our web site or on third sites. This include use of technologies to evaluate utility of advertisement and contents present to user, for example using control if he pick or not a advertisement announcement.

For this cookie category is necessary your explicit agreement.

We can collaborate with other companies, as suppliers of services, that are authorized to using cookies, web beacon and other similar technologies to archive data on our web sites or in our services and struments. These suppliers of services allow us offer to you a better experience, faster and safer on our web sites.

These suppliers of services can use technologies for offer to you our contents and our advertisement and create statistics and nameless analysis  of our web site. We don't permit to our suppliers of services to pick up your personal information on our web site or through our services or instruments for their purposes. These suppliers of services are objects of confidentialy obligation stipulate with us and other legal limitation about use and pick up of any personal information. Use of cookies of users are regolated by privacy rules of these third subjects.

Except for use of these technologies by our services suppliers or by other third authorized subjects, we refuse on our web sites all the contents of subjects (for example advertisement, comunication between users, direct contacts, comments, reviews and so on) to include or using cookies, web beacon, local storages, and other similar technologies to control or aquired your personal information.

Canceling cookies and web beacon of first part about advertisement, you display in any event our advertisement, but it will not be about your interests, not just like if you employed our cookies, web beacon and other similar technologies.

I don't agree

Carry on your navigation, you accept the installation of profilation cookies and marketing of first part.

If you want to refuse all the types of technologies used on our web sites, services, app, instruments, you can do it stopping them, deleting them and canceling them, as consent by your device or browser.  

How can i cancel cookies?

You can menage the preferences about cookies directly in your browser and prevent- for example- that third parts can installing them. Through preferences of browser you can delete cookies of past, including the cookie for the agreement to installation of cookies from this web site.

It's very important that, if you cancel all the cookies, the operation of this web can be compromised. You can find information about the menage of cookies in the main browser at this addresses: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Explorer.

For other informations about cookies of third subjects about advertisement and about how to cancel them, visit this web site:

Per other informations about cookies contact us at:

Rights about access at your personal data art. 7 D.lgs.196/2003

You can employ in all moments the rights at art.7 (rights about your personal data and others rights) of our Code, in specific: right to have access to your own personal data, to ask for a modify of them, to update and delete them if they are incomplete, unright or pick up disobey to the actual legislation, you can oppose your agreement to their treatment for legal questions, writing to: