Sales Terms and Conditions


1.1. - This contract is a long-distance contract pursuant to Art. 50 et seq. of Legislative Decree No. 206 of September 6, 2005 ("Consumer Code"). The purpose of the contract is the sale of movable property between Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT), with its legal head office in Via E. Pontieri, 5 - Benevento (BN), Tax Code and Benevento Register of Companies No. NZZGPP70M03I233B, Vat No. 01300950621 (Proposte Religiose), and the consumer (the "Customer").

The contract is directly concluded at the time that Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT)  takes up the purchase proposal issued by the Customer by phone or the official website and/or other long-distance sales systems, on the basis of the procedures described in Article 3.

1.2. - These Terms and Conditions of Sale ("Terms and Conditions") and, in particular, the information referred to in Article 52 of "Consumer Code", as provided by Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) to the customer on the phone and on the official website, remain valid and effective until they are modified and / or supplemented by Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT). Any changes and / or supplements to the General Terms and Conditions will be effective from the date will be made public and applied to sales made after that date. The latest updated version of "Sales Terms and and Conditions" is available on the website.


2.1. - The selling prices of the products indicated on the website and / or through any other long-distance sales system of Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) are inclusive of VAT and every other tax due. In case of telephone orders, they are repeated to the customer by a Proposte Religiose operator. 

2.2. - Excluding shipping charges, the minimum amount for the order is equal to Euro 8.19 (excluding VAT).


3.1. - The Contract by telephone is concluded through the communication to the customer (who has contacted Proposte Religiose - ProposteReligiose.IT - by phone and submitted on that occasion a purchase proposal by providing the operator with all the data necessary for the registration procedure of its name, the purchase order and the method of payment), that the proposal is accepted.

3.2. - In case of purchase proposal submitted through the website, the Customer will receive from Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) a summary email which he wll be informed that his purchase proposal is under preparation and will be deemed accepted, unless otherwise communication to Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) transmitted by mail or telephone within 3 (three) calendar days from the receiving date of the above-mentioned summary email. After that period, this long-distance Contract must be considered as finalized.

3.3. The customer will be allowed to choose one of the following methods of payment: a) Cash on Delivery (in which payment is given to the courier who delivers the product); b) any other method of payment indicated by Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) as valid.


4.1. - The products will be delivered from Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) to the address indicated by the customer within 15 (fifteen) days after the conclusion of the contract.

4.2. Any claims can be sent to:

Proposte Religiose

Via Avellino Parco dei Fiori, 11/c

82100 - Benevento (BN), Italy


Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) accepts customer orders as long as the products are available in stock. Therefore, the acceptance by Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) of the purchase proposal submitted by the Customer will be subject to stock availability of these products. Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) agrees to promptly notify the Customer of any unforeseen stock-out due to the excess demand or other causes.



For products purchased by the Customer shall be applicable to Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) the rules on warranties and assistance regarding the sale of consumer goods.


The Customer states and warrants: (i) to be a consumer in accordance with Art. 3 of the "Consumer Code"; (ii) to be an adult; (iii) that tha data supplied by the same for the execution of the Agreement are true and correct.


8.1. - The Customer has the right to withdraw from this contract after stipulation without being subject to any penalty and without specifying a reason, within 15 (fifteen) days of receiving the products ordered.

The Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal within the above-mentioned time, expressing it by telephone or by written notice at Proposte Religiose legal head office, whereof Art. 4, to send by registered letter with return receipt or by telegram, telex, email or telefax.

8.2. - The Customer who intends to excecise the right of withdrawal must return the products purchased to the address indicated on the invoice , following the related instructions, within 15 (fifteen) days of receiving the products. Under Article 55, second paragraph, of the "Consumer Code", the customer has no right of withdrawal in the following cases:

- Supply of audiovisual products or sealed software opened from customer;

- Supply of custom-tailored or personalized products.

8.3. - The costs of returning goods are charged to the customer. Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) will return within 15 (fifteen) days of receiving the products from the customer: (i) the full price paid by the Customer whenever the product has been returned complete in all its parts and functions; (ii) part of the price equivalent to the product actually returned by the customer who has consumed the product in any appreciable way and / or likely to diminish the value.


9.1. Pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003 (Personal Data Protection Code), we inform you that the personal data supplied by you or subsequently acquired, will be treated by Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT), in Italy and abroad, through electronic and manual devices in compliance with the provisions of the aforesaid code.

Aims of treatment

The data collected are used for the following purposes:

a) subscribe to the service;

b) enter into purchase agreements and their performance;

c) carry out the tasks necessary to implement the contractual relationship in place;

d) send commercial information, advertising, informative and promotional material, by any means (email, sms, etc.);

e) performance of market research, economic analysis and statistics to check the correct working of the service and the customer satisfaction. The above-mentioned methods of inquiry can be carried out by telephone;

f) processing of information about customer habits and preferences;

g) communicate the data to third parties for direct marketing purposes.

The assignment of the requested personal data is compulsory in order to conclude the sale contract, while it remains optional in all other cases. The failure to provide the necessary data will make it impossible to carry out any order.

Subject categories to whom data will be transmitted

The processing of personal data, for the purposes outlined above, can also made by individuals or legal entities in Italy or abroad, which account for and / or in the interests of Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) provide specific services or carry out related instrumental or support activities. Therefore, the provided data maybe disclosed for the same purposes, also to:

- anyone who is a legitimate recipient of communications provided by law or regulation (such as, for example, offices and public authorities);

- anyone who is the recipient of communications needed in fulfillment of the obligations arising from services rendered;

- other companies specializing in the management of business information and related credits (such as, for example, data processing centers, banks, etc.).

Your data will be treated also by:

- companies and / or employees for the management of administrative services of which Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) makes use for meeting its legal or contractual obligations;

- other subjects(firms, companies, individuals) who collaborate to third parties (the list is available on Privacy policy) for direct marketing purposes.

Data Retention

All acquired data cannot be used for other purposes in addition to those above mentioned and will be kept for the period necessary for the implementation of the same. After that time, the data will be deleted or transformed into anonymous. For detailed data on purchases and services, storage times will not exceed those established by law.

Data subject's rights

Your option to carry at all times the rights under Article 7 (Right to access personal data and other rights) of the Code is saved, in particular:  the right to access their personal information, request correction, updating and cancellation if icomplete, incorrect or collected in violation of existing legisletion and to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons, sending a written request to Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT), Via Avellino Parco dei Fiori 11/c - 82100 Benevento (BN), Italy.

Holder of the treatment

The data controller is Proposte Religiose (ProposteReligiose.IT) - Via Avellino Parco dei Fiori 11/c - 82100 Benevento (BN), Italy.


The contract shall be governed by Italian law. An
y dispute
regarding the application, implementation, explanation and breach of contract will be settled under the jurisdiction of the court in which the customer's residence or domicile, if located in Italian territort, or the Court of Benevento (BN), where the customer has his residence or domicile abroad.